Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Tools to Attract (and keep) Visitors

By Mark Idzik

Here are some cool tools that you'll find useful to attract, and more importantly keep visitors.

The Universal Currency Converter:

If you have an international audience, then adding a currency converter would certainly be a necessity. Xenon Laboratories provides a service that allows you to customize the output of the conversions and include your header and footer information so your visitor can easily navigate back to your site. Your visitor will see the company's banner ads, but that's how they can offer this free service. Custom Search:

This custom search service was just announced by and could be a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site. Searching is one of the top activities on the web, so a custom search engine can be a great magnet.

GoTo allows you to create an account and customize the search results page to fit the "look and feel" of your site. Even better, you can sell banner ads on the results pages to earn additional income.

For Real Estate Agents:

What's better than offering your visitors searchable listings from your site directly? Listings that you control and can update anytime? How about adding a mortgage calculator, photo tour, and email contact form to make it easy for you to know what property your visitor is inquiring about?

All these features are free and included in our new hosting solution - WEBBIZ Host. All your listings are easily maintained through a on-line control panel. Simple and straightforward, but powerful to your visitor. Try a free 30 day trial at:

Web Based Email:

It's always been difficult to offer a free, branded web-based email solution for your site, without spending a pretty penny, until now. BigMailBox offers any web site a free web-based mail system that you can customize and use for your visitors. You can add banner ads, custom signup text, email all users, customize the look and feel and include your web site logo. BigMailBox pays for this service by including it's own banner ads mixed in with yours. Sounds fair since they provide this to webmasters at no cost. I do recommend setting up a new domain for this service since you will lose your mail server to the web based email. The system does allow you to restrict email account names and forward the mail to your current email system. We'll be releasing a branded version to our web site visitors soon, but you can get a sneak peak at the address below. Feel free to signup for an email account, it's free!

To get more info on BigMailBox go to:

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