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By Mark Idzik

OK, so you have a web site. You've spent weeks designing, changing, and tweaking it, and now it's done. You've submitted it to the search engines, sent out press releases, created a mailing list, bought ads in e-zines, sent an opt-in email, and mailed WebCards announcing your site to your clients. You notice traffic starting to build at your site. Weeks and months go by, but few or no sales.

What do you do?

The first question to ask yourself is ... DOES YOUR SITE SELL?

Your site may look good, have nice graphics, have all the latest bells and whistles, but if it doesn't sell, why are you on the web?

Your web site's main goal is to sell your products or services. If you have few or no sales, but have traffic, your site needs a "tune-up". Here are some guidelines when designing a "Site That Sells."

  • Use the Word "You"
    Monitor your use of "we" and "you" and make sure to use "you" more often. Don't YOU like reading something that talks to YOU?

  • Use Hot Words
    Most of us react to certain words. Emotional words. Here are some of the best ones:

    -do you

  • Use Short Words
    Don't use long, complicated words. The short, easy to read and understandable words work best.

  • Use Short Paragraphs
    Keep your paragraphs short and put white space between each. It breaks up your points and makes it easier to read.

  • Use Lots of Benefits
    When a visitor looks at your site, they want to see "What's In It For Me?". Give your visitor lots of reasons why your product or service will benefit them. Tell them how they will be richer, smarter, faster, more attractive, younger ...... anything that will allow your visitor to imagine (and visualize) the benefits and quickly place a request or order.

  • Use Testimonials
    Testimonials add credibility and make your visitor more comfortable in spending money with you. Add testimonials generously, but tastefully, throughout your site. If you don't have any, contact some of your current satisfied customers and ask if they would be willing to write a short endorsement. You'd be surprised how many will be glad to help you.

  • Keep Your Visitor Focused
    If you sell shoes, don't confuse your visitor by adding clothing, tennis rackets, and water bottles to your site. Keep them focused on your main source of revenue until they buy. After they order, feel free to upsell or re-direct them to other products or services you may offer. Tip: If you have many different (and unrelated) products or services, consider setting up separate web sites.

  • Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines
    Every page in your web site has to draw your visitor closer to buying. By using strong headlines, it keeps your visitor interested and at your site -- it's very easy to click away to another link.

  • Look Professional
    Would you personally buy from your site? Keep your entire site professional - from the graphics to the text and email you send. If you can't accomplish this on your own, hire a graphic artist or web designer that can do it for you. This small investment will re-pay you dividends in the long term.

  • Keep in Touch
    Add a mailing list option to your site. Make it easy for your visitors to add or remove themselves from your list. Mail regularly with specials, industry trends, articles of interest, surveys or sponsored announcements. The more valuable information you offer, the more reason your visitor will do business with you.

Keep your site focused, sell benefits and you'll see a change in your revenue immediately.

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